The Great Western Cattle Trail Association


The Great Western Cattle Trail began in Texas where the wild Texas Longhorn cattle were found in the brush country of south Texas, on the coastal plains where those cattle flourished and at any other location in Texas where the Texas Cowboys, the Waddies, the Drovers, the Cow Punchers, the Mexican Vaqueros and the recently freed slave found the cattle, burned a brand on their hides and headed them north to the rail heads. The joining of the supply with the demand created the Atascosita Trail, The Shawnee Trail, The Chisholm Trail, the Western Trail, and many others. All of these trails including the Western were utilized in their time in an attempt to market a natural resource, Texas Longhorned Cattle. These trails were all replaced eventually by innovative Texans with an imagination and skill to solve problems and find solutions to what ever obstacle was found in their path. Not only were the Texas cattle loaded into rail cars after they were driven up the trail, they also had other destinations. The cattle were used to give birth to a ranching industry made possible by the removal of Native Americans and their buffalo from the great plains of America. Millions of acres were developed to provide food and fiber for the growing multitudes of people throughout the world. Our responsibility to provide for the Native American who had been overcome by our progress was recognized. Montana and the Dakotas, Wyoming and Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas and many other states became vast ranches where resourcefulness bloomed and America achieved its destiny to become the world leader that it is today.

Today we preserve the history of people who stood up and said "we can and we will". Today we recognize that those who came before us met the challenge and provided us with the means to become what we are and what we expect to be in the future. The Great Western Cattle Trail Association and the Texas Chapter of that association, holds the torch and we will carry it with pride and lead the way. Trail bosses and point men, flank riders and men riding drag, Chuckwagon Cooks and Horse Wranglers, will meet the test as they have in the past. "We can and we will. "

Paul G. Noack

Texas trail map